Nov. 27th, 2013 09:02 pm
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Nov. 25th, 2013 03:28 am
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yikes, I almost forgot to do this...

Is Lavie too much of a bitch? not mommy enough? too SCREAMMMMMMMM and not enough X-TREME CHAIR THROWING?

well, that's where you come in! let me know! so I can, you know, do something about it. i'll take any and all concrit into consideration. please word it in a, you know, non-head-biting manner. let's all get along, okay? <3

anon on, IP-logging and those funny little pictures off, and screening issssss ON.
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Age: 17 years old
Height: 159 cm (5'2")
Medical info: normal and healthy, though probably has the ears of someone who goes up into extremely high altitudes every day. because she did.
Eyes: green-ish...silver? idk man
Hair: red
Physical traits: icons! she wears belly shirts and cargo-ish pants a lot. sometimes white spring dresses. proooobably B-sized tits erring on the smaller side. idk it depends on the scene. her hair is longer than it appears in the icons, because lol Lavie in Fam. it's just past her chin.
What's Okay to Mention Around Her: anything and everything dude go for it '-'b
Abilities: a steampunk airplane, anyway. navi aka navigator extraordinaire. violence! feistiness! cooking! mama Lavie powers, activate! she's...a normal human, okay. wow that was so much easier than my Nico section
Notes for the psychics/magically or spiritually sensitive: normal human being! her thoughts are written pretty clearly on her face, but they're probably Claus Al Holly what should I make for dinner I WILL END YOU hulk smash ahh Claus stop being dumb... I don't want to dieeeeee no shut up I love you ok IDK ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/start fights/etc?: oo baby. yes/talk/yes/yes/yes. she will throw chairs and punches if you do those last three, watch out.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: YES DO IT you will probably be punched though is it really that worth it
Maim/murder/death: no de-limbing/talk/talk though I probably won't be killing her off. like, very very very much probably not. yikes. she's too young to die, guys.
Cooking: HECK YES. the best sandwiches and stew and shit you've ever darn tasted. I bet she makes bread, too, from the looks of it in their old home. she's no gourmet, but it's got that grandma's cooking warmth to it. mmm delicious.
Other: LOVE ME also spoilers this is my favorite icon suck it
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I am [personal profile] royul_thyme aka Nruu / Nico / ₪▓∎█░▓██▒░█▒▓▕
I play Nico di Creeperkinsadface~ Angelo and Lavie Head

Contact Methods: Skype: (ask!! :D) -- Pesterchum: concaveDetective -- plurk: NruuCake don't ask me why -- gchat: hadesisnototherpeople
E-mail: hadesisnototherpeople @gmail

Timezone and Scheduling Issues: American Central. I'm usually free at evening and night, but that might change soon. Weekends are my friend.
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I'd love to co-post ♥ I usually never mean to drop, I just get a block and then lose the notif so--if I've dropped and you want to continue, ping me or PM me or SOMETHING. please if i don't respond in three days HIT ME. always willing to backtag cuz time is our female toy dog, and ALWAYS THREADJACK ME DO THIS PLEASE i love jumping! I jump a lot, it's a habit, but i'm always worried no one wants me around bluh. also, I understand if you drop a thread of ours--don't feel bad, we all have other things we need to do, or you may have lost interest, or whatever. it's all good homie ♥
Comfort Levels: high octane levels of torture squick me out, but I love everything. sssssssstill no smut for Lavie or Hiccup. she's 17, but...idk man, maturity levels... we'll see how i feel in the future. Nico's a maybe.
Concrit/OOC issues: Always open to concrit! as long as we can talk it out. if you need anything, message me on here or my personal, or e-mail me. I'm hardly ever on Skype, but i'm always on Plurk and G-Chat.
Beta-ing: Ask away! I love helping people become better writers, and in a way, it helps me to grow as a writer too! mutual helpings.
AU-ing: I LOVE IT plot with me! PM me or gchat or plurk me, whatever. just, again. awkward smut is a no.


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